The following are brief summaries of each short film segment by directors taking part in the Oneshot Collective’s anthology feature “Encounters”. This is also where to keep up with the status of each film segment, you can find links to active fundraising campaigns for each one listed when active.

YOU CAN’T BE MY GIRL by Sina Leasuasu | Written by Sina Leasuasu
Producer: Tim Jones
Logline: Devastated after his girlfriend dumps him, a young man is dragged to a fancy dress party where he encounters his ex and a fairy climbing through a bedroom window.
Genre: RomCom
Cast: Adam Brown, Victoria Seymour, Grace Morgan Riddell, Richard Osborne, Hamish Boyle, Tane Williams-Accra.
Status: Post-Production

DEATH BECOMES YOU by Luke Ruscoe | Written by Luke Ruscoe
Producer: Luke Ruscoe
When taking the life of a single mother means a death sentence for her child, one of Death’s representatives is presented with a moral choice between career advancement and doing the right thing.
Genre: Fantasy
Jordan Rivers, Acushla Tara Sutton, Ashleigh Waters, Kristi Kleijn
Status: Post-Production

BASTARD by Jane Fletcher | Written by Emma Kinane
Producer: Ash Holden, Jane Fletcher
 A drunkard and a Christian meet at dawn in a graveyard only to discover they have more in common than they first expected.
Genre: Comedy
Ash Holden, Brynley Stent, Keagan Carr Fransch, Hamish Boyle, Simon McArthur and Jason Tolley
Status: Post-Production

CARAVAN by Bea Joblin | Written by Bea Joblin
Producers: Bea Joblin
Logline: A group of women unexpectedly converge in a caravan they all have access to.
Genre: Drama
Cast: Jessica Robinson, Sophie Hambleton, Fran Olds, Neenah Dekkers-Reihana & Shane Boulton.
Status: Post-Production

AWAKE by Chaz Harris | Written by Chaz Harris
Producers: Amanda Walker, Chaz Harris
Logline: A young couple encounter a girl they know sleepwalking and take her home where a conversation about their worst nightmares has horrifying consequences.
Genre: Horror
Cast: Rachel Roberts, Riley Brophy, Ellie Neal, Jamie Smith, Sam Hallahan, LeRoi Kippen
Status: Post-Production

THE TRAMP by Constance Gervasi | Written by Constance Gervasi
Producer: Constance Gervasi
A woman goes tramping alone and encounters a man with dubious intentions.
Genre: Thriller
Cast: Siobhan Marshall, Cohen Holloway, Liam Eldridge-Fright, Colin Nicholson.
Status: Post-Production

OUT WITH MUM by Conan McKegg | Written by Conan McKegg
Producer: Conan McKegg
A closeted young man going to ‘Out In The Square’ with his boyfriend bumps into his mother and attempts to finally reveal the truth.
Genre: Comedy
Cast: Jono Harris, Brandt Feeney, Emma Kinane, Emma Robinson
Status: Post-Production

FIVE MOMENTS BEFORE WE MET by Scott Milligan | Written by Kate Morris
Producer: Chaz Harris, Scott Milligan
After a number of near-misses, fate or perhaps chance, finally brings two people together.
Genre: Romantic Drama
Cast: Iris Henderson, Julian Zhu
Status: Post-Production