The following are brief summaries of each segment in the Oneshot Collective anthology feature “Encounters.”

YOU CAN’T BE MY GIRL by Sina Leasuasu | Written by Sina Leasuasu
Producer: Tim Jones
Logline: Devastated after his girlfriend dumps him, a young man is dragged to a fancy dress party where he encounters his ex and a fairy climbing through a bedroom window.
Genre: RomCom
Cast: Adam Brown, Victoria Seymour, Grace Morgan Riddell, Richard Osborne, Hamish Boyle, Tane Williams-Accra.

DEATH BECOMES YOU by Luke McMeeken-Ruscoe | Written by Luke McMeeken-Ruscoe
Producer: Luke McMeeken-Ruscoe
When taking the life of a single mother means a death sentence for her child, one of Death’s representatives is presented with a moral choice between career advancement and doing the right thing.
Genre: Fantasy
Jordan Rivers, Acushla-Tara Kupe, Kristi Kleijn, Dale Hendry

BASTARD by Jane Fletcher | Written by Emma Kinane
Producers: Ash Holden, Jane Fletcher
 A drunkard and a Christian meet at dawn in a graveyard only to discover they have more in common than they first expected.
Genre: Comedy
Ash Holden, Brynley Stent, Keagan Carr Fransch, Hamish Boyle, Simon McArthur and Jason Tolley

CARAVAN by Bea Joblin | Written by Bea Joblin
Producers: Bea Joblin, Anita Ross
Logline: A group of women unexpectedly converge in a caravan they all have access to.
Genre: Drama
Cast: Jessica Robinson, Sophie Hambleton, Fran Olds, Neenah Dekkers-Reihana & Shane Boulton

AWAKE by Chaz Harris | Written by Chaz Harris
Producer: Chaz Harris
Logline: A young couple encounter a girl they know sleepwalking and take her home where a conversation about their worst nightmares has horrifying consequences.
Genre: Horror
Cast: Rachel Roberts, Riley Brophy, Ellie Neal, Jamie Smith, Sam Hallahan, LeRoi Kippe

THE TRAMP by Constance Gervasi | Written by Constance Gervasi
Producer: Constance Gervasi
A woman goes tramping alone and encounters a man with dubious intentions.
Genre: Thriller
Cast: Siobhan Marshall, Cohen Holloway, Liam Eldridge-Fright, Colin Nicholson

OUT WITH MUM by Conan McKegg | Written by Conan McKegg
Producer: Conan McKegg
A closeted young man going to ‘Out In The Square’ with his boyfriend bumps into his mother and attempts to finally reveal the truth.
Genre: Comedy
Cast: Jonathan James, Brandt Feeney, Emma Kinane, Emma Robinso

FIVE MOMENTS BEFORE WE MET by Scott Milligan | Written by Kate Morris
Producers: Scott Milligan, Chaz Harris
After a number of near-misses, fate or perhaps chance, finally brings two people together.
Genre: Romantic Drama
Cast: Iris Henderson, Julian Zhu