Oneshot Collective is a collaborative initiative setup in 2014 to bring together emerging New Zealand filmmakers and create a feature-length anthology of short segments based on the common theme of ‘chance meetings or encounters’.

The premise is simple: 8 directors, 8 stories, one feature-length piece. Film anthologies are a proven filmmaking model with more recent efforts including New York, I Love You, Paris Je T’aime along with genre-specific anthologies such as VHS and ABC’s of Death. New Zealand entries of a similar kind have included Waru and Vai.

Oneshot Collective was born out of a need for a platform to showcase the work of emerging New Zealand filmmaking talent and encourage offshore investment in content creators here, with a focus on the ongoing development of locally owned IP.

The first collaboratively made feature film project through Oneshot Collective was released on 28 April 2021 and is available to rent or buy here.

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