Monthly Archives: September 2018


Since we locked the cut of Encounters in late 2016, we’ve had a number of post-production hurdles to overcome to get the film completed (and we can finally say it is!).  Some of these challenges/stages are outlined below:

Our composer Tane Upjohn-Beatson composed the score for Encounters in March 2017 and has done an incredible job of bringing eight diverse stories together and unifying them with a single soundtrack.

Sound Design
The dialogue cleanup, Foley, editing and preparation of the tracks for the final sound mix was carried out throughout 2017 by our amazing Sound Designer and Sound Editor Stephanie Engelbrecht.

VFX Shots
We had a number of VFX shots to get completed for various reasons before the final finishing touches on the film could be done. The majority of these will be invisible to viewers of the final film and these range from obscuring headstone names, to removing branding that would otherwise have required legal clearances.

In order for the film to be completed to a high standard with a professional colour grade and final sound mix, we needed to raise some funding – either through private investment or crowdfunding. We were lucky enough to raise this privately without needing to go through another crowdfunding campaign. With some very helpful sponsored discounts from the providers in question, that allowed us to complete the final stages of the film.

Colour Grade
The colour grade of the film was completed by Erin Woolhouse at Martin Square in Wellington. It was amazing to see the difference a colour grade made to the footage we’d been living within the edit for so long and how it really brought the film to life visually.

Final Sound Mix
In the second half of August 2018 we completed the final sound mix with Phil Burton at Underground Sound.

Branding & Titles/Credits Design
We’ve spent the last few months working with Jeroen ten Berge on the poster design and branding for the film. A sneak peek at that is in the logo from the sound mix image above.

Now that the final mix is completed, we will be submitting the film to festivals over the next few months and we’re hoping to show the cast, crew and key supporters the final result of four years of hard work to get this film finished.

That’s all for now, but we’ll have more updates soon!